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Commercial Checking
Commercial Checking

Meeting the unique demands of high-volume businesses

Designed for larger businesses with high-volume transactions, our commercial checking products offer earnings credits and more benefits to help manage money more effectively.

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    Product details

    Tailored to your business needs

    • Ideal solutions for large businesses with high balances
    • No minimum deposit required to open
    • Low monthly fee
    • Competitive earnings credits to offset monthly service charges
    • Empower your banking with sophisticated treasury management tools, allowing you to:
      • Save time and money
      • Track funds more efficiently
      • Accelerate processing
      • Move money easily and securely

    With every account, you get:

    • Products and services designed to meet the growing and changing needs of a large business
    • Personalized attention and dedicated customer service to help meet all your goals
    • FDIC insurance

    Reciprocal Deposit (Savings) Program

    Giving businesses peace of mind with FDIC insurance on deposits over $250,000

    Our Reciprocal Deposit Program gives you the convenience of working with a single bank while enjoying the peace of mind of full FDIC insurance for balances over $250,000. It's a smart way for businesses to invest larger sums of money.

    Through CDARS (Certificate Deposit Account Registry Service), large deposits are broken into smaller deposits and placed at other member banks. This allows your entire investment to be eligible for full FDIC insurance coverage. 

    • Choose your investments - CDs, deposit accounts or money market accounts
    • Keep all of your funds working and insured with Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) service
    • Negotiate one rate on CD investments
    • Get access to full FDIC insurance on your total investment
    • Have all your accounts managed under one roof
    • Receive the high level of service and attention you expect from Amalgamated Bank


    How we’re different

    Hands typing on laptop

    Email: the life force of our days; the thing we check 500 times an hour (sometimes a minute), and have put our complete faith in to communicate and hold our thoughts, our work, our information and really every aspect of our lives. Turns out, it’s really dangerous.

    Mother and son on tablet

    Politico recently posted an article that caught my eye – “Can Big Bird survive Trump?”

    As a child raised in rural North Florida during the 1970s, PBS (Public Broadcasting System) was a staple of my TV viewing.

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    Last week, for the first time in a year, we brought all of our employees together in the same room to take a look back at 2017 and celebrate the incredible transformation that Amalgamated Bank has experienced over the past five years. It was a day to remember.