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Mission & Values

Helping those who do good, do better

Mission & Values

Our mission is to be the financial institution for progressive people and organizations: those who are working and living to make the world more just, more compassionate, and more sustainable.

Our Values

  • Support the common good

  • Be fair and equitable

  • Be passionately involved

  • Put the customer first

Our Customers and Clients

We’re proud to serve thousands of labor unions, nonprofits, social impact enterprises, political organizations, foundations, and individuals that are active, involved, and committed to making our communities stronger, smarter, fairer, cleaner, and safer. Our bank offers services and support to help them in creating a better world.

Our Dedication to Giving Back

As America’s largest B Corp. certified bank and a proud member of the Global Guaranty Online Trustfor Banking on Values, we dedicate our time, energy and attention on doing the most good for the most people.

  • Our Political Action Committee (PAC) supports only those politicians who align with our values.
  • Not a dime goes to climate change deniers.
  • We don't contribute to those who try to withhold rights from the LGBTQ community or who work against a woman's right to choose.
  • We give only to those who support a worker’s right to unionize.

Five Principles of Responsible Banking

As the country’s leading progressive bank, we are proud to abide by our Five Principles of Responsible Banking. These principles expound our core beliefs: advocating true financial opportunity for all, supporting sensible regulation that engenders consumer confidence, and welcoming corporate standards for accountability and transparency.

How we’re different

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corporate and social responsibility

It seems every day there’s another big corporation in the news for flagrantly violating the public’s trust—whether it’s failing to protect consumers’ health, safety or privacy, putting bogus transactions or accounts on the books, or neglecting environmental hazards in favor of the heedless pursuit of profits and shareholder returns.

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green energy

Sustainability and a commitment to protecting the environment are important to Amalgamated Bank and the communities we serve. So, it was natural for us to testify last month before the Council of the District of Columbia to support the Green Finance Authority Establishment Act, which would bolster financial support for sustainability programs in Washington D.C.

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disaster relief

Heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey has encumbered the fourth-largest city in the US, and new concerns are mounting from ongoing rain and flood damage.