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Applying online for a mortgage, for a home equity line of credit or to refinance your home is as easy as 1-2-3. You can apply now in as little as 20 minutes.

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Conventional Mortgages
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From Fixed-Rate to Adjustable Rates to Jumbos, discover all the products Amalgamated Bank offers. We make a wide range of home loan products available to meet your unique needs. Apply now or contact a Loan Officer today.

Affordable Mortgages
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Finding a mortgage within your price range may seem like a tall task, but with Amalgamated Bank, your dream home might be closer than you think. Amalgamated Bank offers a number of low down payment options to get you started on your next big step in life.

First-Time Homebuyer programs
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Being a first-time homebuyer can often feel overwhelming. Why not make sure you’re buying with a bank you can count on? Amalgamated Bank’s first-time homebuyer programs offer a common-sense approach to help you get the best loan for the best value.

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Today's Rates

Fixed Rate

    15-Year Fixed Rate

Rate APR Points
4.000% 4.224% 0.000%

    30-Year Fixed Rate

Rate APR Points
4.750% 4.884% 0.000%
Adjustable Rate

    7-Year Adjustable Rate

Rate APR Points
3.750% 4.781% 0.000%

    10-Year Adjustable Rate

Rate APR Points
4.125% 4.763% 0.000%