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Personal Banking

Now more than ever, where you put your money matters

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Personal Banking

To create a more just, compassionate and sustainable society

Does your bank see the world the way you do?

We do. We're on a mission to create a more just, compassionate, sustainable planet. For all of us.

So if you'd like your money working for environmentally-friendly organizations, nonprofits, progressive candidates and socially-responsible businesses... join the movement moving to Amalgamated.

At Amalgamated, it feels like I'm an important customer and a friend.

Ann Hoffman

Customer since 1977


Why Amalgamated? 

95 Years

helping those who do good, do better


donations to progressive causes and nonprofits in 2017


committed to renewable energy

How we’re different

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LGBTQ+ justice

Rainbow flags are waving, crosswalks are being painted in rainbow patterns and cities the nation over are holding parades and festivals to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. 

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minority and women owned businesses

Tune into current events and you’re sure to find there is hardly a shortage of bad news these days. Here is some good news, for a change, about some of the things we’re working on here at Amalgamated.

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impact investing

The tensions surrounding recent actions taken by North Korea have reignited the conversation around nuclear weapons and warfare.