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Social Impact

Extending credit to impact-based enterprises and organizations

Financing mission

We offer a full range of financing solutions that help you stay focused on running your enterprise and fulfilling your mission. Whether you're looking to keep cash flowing smoothly or bridge funding cycles, or you're seeking financial advice, we have the expertise to help you align capital with impact.

Financing solutions
Products and services
  • Term Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Borrowing Base Loans
  • Acquisition,  Development, and Construction Loans
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Treasury Management Services
Transaction Types
Flexible financing options
  • Acquisition Financings
  • Refinancings
  • Working Capital Solutions
  • Owner-Occupied Financings
  • Bridge Financings
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Transaction Criteria
Solutions customized to meet mission
  • Commitments up to $25MM
  • 1-7 year terms
  • Underwrite grants and philanthropic equity
  • Secured and unsecured with guarantor
  • Customized to reflect income and sustainability characteristics
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Organization types
Serving a wide of range of mission-driven enterprises
  • Health and human service agencies
  • Environmental and political advocacy
  • Community development financial institutions (CDFI) and other
  • Intermediaries
  • Arts, education, and cultural advocacy
  • Certified B Corps
  • Political Groups
  • Organized Labor
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White paper series
Financial strategy and management for mission-based organizations in changing times

Mission aligned intermediaries are at a premium these days, and, with a growing demand for capital, these organizations need the proper strategies in place to effectively serve their customers. This series of white papers hopes to provide some insights into how CDFIs, impact funds and other intermediaries can align their financial management strategy and execute on mission.

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Business Development


Why Amalgamated?

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An experienced ally

Our team has valuable experience working in mission-aligned organizations and can help you confront the changing needs of your enterprise.

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Support 24/7/365

We work our clients' hours, not banker's hours. You can count on 24/7/365 concierge services and no hotlines.

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Aligned with values

Our bank is accountable to living our clients' values whether it is through sustainability, corporate governance or political advocacy.

affordable housing

Living in the same city where you work fosters a critically important connection to the community and people you serve. Yet for firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses and millions of other low- and moderate-income workers in urban areas, it can be a herculean challenge to find safe, affordable housing near where they work.

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corporate and social responsibility

“Social responsibility” is not something commonly associated with the financial sector by most Americans. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, banking has consistently received some of the lowest consumer approval ratings of any industry in the country