B Corporation
Proud to be America's largest B Corp. certified bank

Amalgamated is proud to have been certified as a B Corporation by the nonprofit organization B Lab. The B Corporation certification is a globally-recognized distinction that highlights the work of good corporate citizens around the world. It's offered only to businesses that demonstrate a commitment to creating a more socially equitable world, including an accessible economy with opportunity for all.

Eighteen hundred conscientious organizations across 120 industries and 50 countries have met the rigorous standards of good governance and corporate transparency required for certification. Amalgamated is honored to be the largest B Corp. certified bank in the United States. The certification highlights our commitment to always play our part to help build a more equitable world in which corporations seek to benefit every person, and not just their shareholders.

Here are some recent initiatives that represent our commitment to build a better world:

  • We've been outspoken proponents of a $15 per hour minimum wage – and we instituted it for our own employees.
  • We believe in an economy for everyone, not just the few, and so we work to improve access to financial services for underbanked communities by accepting the IDNYC as a primary form of identification for opening an account.
  • In December 2016, we took the Obama administration’s Equal Pay Pledge, promising to continue to do our part to eliminate the wage gap, ensure fundamental fairness for all workers, and reduce structural barriers to success, regardless of gender.
  • We are carbon neutral and we have committed to being powered by 100% renewable energy by the end of this year.
  • With our Give-Back accounts, we offer our customers the opportunity to support a good cause just by doing their everyday banking: Amalgamated will donate to a participating organization of the customer's choice an amount equal to half the interest they earn.
  • We pioneered the Five Principles of Responsible Banking a new, gold standard for responsible behavior in the banking sector that we proudly adhere to and have challenged all financial institutions to abide by.

For all these reasons and more, we are proud to be America's largest B Corp. certified bank, and to be working hard every day to help those who do good, do better.

We are honored to join the ranks of certified B Corporations, and immensely proud of this recognition of Amalgamated’s unending commitment to proving it is possible to be both a strong financial institution, and a force for positive change in the world.

Keith Mestrich

President & CEO, Amalgamated Bank